About Diverso

Diverso sells and rents superior quality Konica Minolta/bizhub and Lexmark copiers, printers, scanners and multi-functional devices.

We specialise in short-term and long-term rentals from one day to 60 months - to the film industry and companies of all sizes.
We also offer supporting services and equipment such as PABX and IT (Servers, PC’s and Laptops)

Our clients are located mainly in the Western Cape but we supply and support nationally.

You want to communicate easily and fast with your clients - with equipment exactly suited to your company's needs.
We make it possible

We analyse your needs. We will not lease or sell you copiers, printers or communication equipment that you do not need. You will get a good deal.

Our back- up support. Our back-up support ensures that our equipment work when you need them to work. We also offer off-site on-line monitoring of the equipment that we supply.

Check who our clients are. Apart from major companies, we serve a host of small and medium businesses. Most have elected to stay with us for years. Why? Because we look after them.

We aim to change the face of office automation.

As a team, we seek to have a customer-centred mindset in everything we do and to deliver a consistent overall positive service experience.
Diverso demonstrate professionalism by carefully selecting and employing talented, honest, energised, passionate and motivated people to make this happen. We do what we say and people can depend on us.
High efficiency and cost transparency.

Cost control and efficiency is top of mind to most executives today.

Printer and copier strategy is often overlooked, but this may be a key area to save your company money and improve the efficiency of your work force Detailed Analysis Printer and copier deployment is usually determined by the legacy of the business as units have been added as and when needed as the business has evolved and grown.
The first part of our strategy is to understand your environment by doing an audit of the equipment you have, how much it is being used, by whom and what the costs associated with this use are in totality.


With a complete picture of what the current and future printing requirements are, our team will design a new printer strategy for your organisation.
This strategy may involve moving printers within the organisation, decommissioning old, high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) units and recommending replacements where necessary. New technologies also allow enhanced productivity and efficiency for your workforce and we will highlight these where relevant.
By working together and looking at your printing environment holistically, large cost savings can often be found.

We offer:

Office Automation Equipment, copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines and multi-functional devices
Speeds ranging from 20 to 120 pages per minute
Paper size - A6, A5, A4, A3 and A0 (even banner printing)
Black & White machines, Colour machines and combinations
On-site service and support (you are welcome to contact any of our customers for referrals)

Custom solutions

IT hardware solutions and network support
Flexible, finance/payment options, with one of a kind discount option. If you settle your equipment we offer discount on the term outstanding, a first in the industry! - Unlike the industry standard we offer buy back, downgrade or upgrade during the term.


Diverso makes it our business to stay on the edge in a very dynamic industry where needs and technology constantly change. We are committed to apply and introduce the latest products and services.
Diverso specialize in Konica Minolta, the award winning bizhub range and also the award winning Lexmark range.
We look forward to being of service to you and embarking upon a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship, and assure you of our best attention and service at all times.

Please call Hennie at Diverso Konica Minolta / 021 851 0533 for any additional information


Contact Details

Physical / Postal Address:
Diverso House, Unit 1 A, Cnr Delson Circle and Erica Way, Somerset Business Park, Somerset West, 7130
34° 06'5.46"S - 18°51'16.93"E

Telephone Numbers:
021 851 0533 / 021 852 0533 / 021 851 3518 / 084 606 4313
Fax Number: 086 502 1969
Email: info@diverso.co.za