Diverso Lockdown Experiences

Apart from all the hardship, there are also positive and funny moments. Even though we tend to complain, as true South Africans we always find something to laugh about. Think about our president covering his eyes with his mask on national television. 

Diverso’s employees are glad to have kids doing more household chores than ever before. They cherish the long family dinners with actual discussions. Cigarettes were found in medicine cabinets. Technology became our friend, with our kids teaching us to use Zoom/Teams/WA video calling etc. YouTube exercise videos became the norm in some of our households. Kids (and husbands) learned to cook. A general patience had to be adopted to endure shopping queues and sanitizer shortages. Pregnant colleagues could not take their husbands with them to scans. Diverso sold thermometers! 

An unknown source mentioned: “This too shall pass, it might pass like a kidney stone, but it WILL pass. 

We are resilient! May God bless Diverso, our clients and South Africa. 

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