Diverso’s Next Generation Thrives

Diverso’s Next Generation Thrives

Mitchell and Kate welcomed Mia on 2021/01/31, the second beautiful little girl born into the Cowie family.   Ella and Mia keep Mitch quite busy, but he loves every second of the parental journey.

Ettienne and Ronel Botha’s little boy is growing fast.  JG was born in September 2020, and at six months has the happiest smile in the world.   He is the apple of his parents’ eyes, and being the first grandchild, he has captured the hearts of the whole family.

Christof and Hanni Conradie’s twins are developing at the speed of light, with a tooth that appeared just this past week.  Ellie and Katie were born in August 2020, and at seven months already visited the Kruger National Park.

Ellie (left) is hard at work trying to master crawling and Katie (right) loves eating the various food purees her mother prepares for them.

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