Diverso FAQ – Did You Know that Diverso Offers CCTV Solutions?

Diverso FAQ - Did You Know that Diverso Offers CCTV Solutions?
Diverso FAQ - Did You Know that Diverso Offers CCTV Solutions ?

CCTV is becoming increasingly important for the protection of your business property and assets.

CCTV cameras can be installed to monitor all areas (including blind spots) of your premises and immediate surrounds, with real-time remote video.

Lower the risks of shoplifting, break-in, burglary and vandalism, with a full view of your business premises plus real-time footage, and the option of remote online access via smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.  You can react immediately to any risk or danger and enhance the safety and security of your employees, customers, and your business.

CCTV facilitates excellent staff practices. It allows you to monitor the behaviour of your staff, while recorded footage provides valuable evidence in the case of any disputes or disciplinary issues, in that it not only provides proof of wrongdoing, but it also serves to prevent false accusation. It has been shown that knowledge of a CCTV presence is likely to have a positive effect on both staff and customer behaviour.

CCTV provides evidence to back up insurance claims. CCTV footage is invaluable when trying to submit an insurance claim for an accident or event, particularly where no witnesses were present.

Contact Diverso to find out more about CCTV Solutions – https://diverso.co.za/cctv/

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