Quality vs Time vs Price: You can never have all three.

Always good to be on site.
There is a different energy and appreciation for the work done when you are physically there, able to touch and see it.
A solar panel truly is a great piece of innovative technology! But unfortunately it doesn’t work in isolation; just lying somewhere by itself. It must be installed, connected, maintained and monitored. It must form part of a greater, equally innovative system to actually deliver. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and this is science.

Please don’t think installing a solar system is quick and easy. Nor cheap and on the commodities shelf for last minute picking and back alley , DIY, contracted labour.

Diverso Technology built its name on integrity and trust over the past 18 years. A business is more than its product or advertising.
It is the fact that we value our staff and pay salaries on time, month in and month out.
It is the fact that we are strong enough to have a cash flow to carry sufficient stock.
It is the fact that insurance and warranties are in place.
It is the fact that we don’t believe in shortcuts and treat our clients as we would want to be dealt with.

Diverso Technology (Pty) Ltd

2 Delson Circle
Somerset West Business Park
Somerset West
Western Cape

PVGreenCard in the Bag

Training, Growing and Performing is part of Diverso’s DNA! Attending training courses to develop as individuals, professionals, team members and employees makes our team stronger and more proficient in providing the best possible service to our community of clients. Well done, Adrian, for taking your skillset to the next level! It’s official – the GREEN […]

Monthly Inspo

This morning at our April monthly get together, we were inspired, motivated and encouraged by a navy seal trainer and a renowned Hollywood actor who know how to take hardships and turn them into growth. Have you heard Admiral William H. McRaven’s motivational speech titled the same as his book, “Make Your Bed”? He says, […]


Our panels weathered the storm

Home owners, the COCT, disaster management, gardeners, maintenance crews and office managers are still working through the wreckage and damages caused by the past weekend’s storm and black south easter winds around the Cape coastal areas. A storm, physically or metaphorically, has the ability to test the weakest part of any system. You have probably […]

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