Lovetia and Light

As the sun sets over Diverso, I can’t help but think about what each day means. A day. Any day and every day.

We do certain things every day; like walk through those doors, talk to our colleague, drink our coffee. What if today was your last day? Did you appreciate the doors you entered, the people you engaged with and the small pleasures like a good cuppa, the aircon and that joke?

Last Friday was Lovetia’s last day with us and we didn’t even know it. Will we ever know? Therefore the take away is simple: Carpe diem with humble gratitude and extravagant love. Our thoughts and prayers are with her children and family as they navigate a new way through the days that lie ahead.

Tomorrow is an extra day for us – 29 Feb! Use this day to
LEAP over your reservations and potential regrets
LEAP over your fears and past hurts
LEAP over your obstacles and excuses
Because a day at a time is all you have.

Joy comes in the morning!
“For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for a lifetime; Weeping may last for the night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5)

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Monthly Inspo

This morning at our April monthly get together, we were inspired, motivated and encouraged by a navy seal trainer and a renowned Hollywood actor who know how to take hardships and turn them into growth. Have you heard Admiral William H. McRaven’s motivational speech titled the same as his book, “Make Your Bed”? He says, […]


Our panels weathered the storm

Home owners, the COCT, disaster management, gardeners, maintenance crews and office managers are still working through the wreckage and damages caused by the past weekend’s storm and black south easter winds around the Cape coastal areas. A storm, physically or metaphorically, has the ability to test the weakest part of any system. You have probably […]


The orchestra as a metaphor for business at our March Monthly Get Together

Michael Hankinson, the conductor King’s Lynn Sinfonia in the UK wrote an article on the similarities between an orchestra and a company, and they go deep. Some extracts: “Head, heart and hands work in unison to meet the challenge.” “The parts make up the whole but the whole is greater than the parts.” “Passionate and […]

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