Terms and Conditions

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Quotations are valid for seven (7) days except for material price increases, and subject to the availability of stock.

Client to provide print-ready artwork in a recognised graphics format (not MS Word, Excel or Publisher).

Client to ensure all fonts are included and images must be CMYK.

Client to ensure all content, spelling, grammar, spacing and contact details are correct.

Client to ensure that a minimum of 3mm bleed is supplied for orders requiring cutting.

Diverso does not take any responsibility for any mistakes or changes on any artwork or final product once signed-off and agreed upon by the client.

Additional charges will apply for artwork changes to correct problems or for additional proofs.

Diverso does not guarantee delivery on any particular date and time, and the Customer shall have no claim against Diverso in respect of any loss occasioned

by any reasonable delay.

Terms: Strictly COD unless a credit application has been approved by Diverso’s Account Department.

The Customer shall be liable for any bank charges due to cash or cheque payments (cash to Diverso office will bear no charges).

Ownership of goods remains vested in Diverso until paid for in full; risk of loss or damage passes to the recipient/customer on delivery.

Quote is subject to the standard Terms and Conditions of Printing SA.

Production will only be scheduled once this quote is paid in full (unless a credit application has been approved by Diverso’s Account Department), signed and communicated to Diverso.

Production subject to client sign-off of proof.

Goods and services will only be released once full payment has been received.

By making payment of the deposit or signing this quotation the client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this quotation.


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