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PVGreenCard in the Bag

Training, Growing and Performing is part of Diverso’s DNA! Attending training courses to develop as individuals, professionals, team members and employees makes our team stronger and more proficient in providing the best possible service to our community of clients. Well done, Adrian, for taking your skillset to the next level! It’s official – the GREEN […]

Monthly Inspo

This morning at our April monthly get together, we were inspired, motivated and encouraged by a navy seal trainer and a renowned Hollywood actor who know how to take hardships and turn them into growth. Have you heard Admiral William H. McRaven’s motivational speech titled the same as his book, “Make Your Bed”? He says, […]


Our panels weathered the storm

Home owners, the COCT, disaster management, gardeners, maintenance crews and office managers are still working through the wreckage and damages caused by the past weekend’s storm and black south easter winds around the Cape coastal areas. A storm, physically or metaphorically, has the ability to test the weakest part of any system. You have probably […]


The orchestra as a metaphor for business at our March Monthly Get Together

Michael Hankinson, the conductor King’s Lynn Sinfonia in the UK wrote an article on the similarities between an orchestra and a company, and they go deep. Some extracts: “Head, heart and hands work in unison to meet the challenge.” “The parts make up the whole but the whole is greater than the parts.” “Passionate and […]


At your service

The hands that are ready to solve your office automation hiccups, belong to these guys! Our technicians and drivers make sure that you have as little as possible down time. Diverso’s processes work to give us a heads-up on when your printer/copier/scanner needs attention, therefore, pro-actively, we help your office operate as efficiently as possible. […]


Power independency

Diverso supports local and SMME businesses, because us included, we are the heart beat of our communities! We not only support families and charities but we have to keep the lights on too! Fortunately, we all have the power and the right to be independent! Being independent is not just a luxury; it is a […]


Our team of Cycologists

Go for Gold! Conquering mountains is a mindset, not just in the legs, but in work ethic, right? We are proud to have guys with grit not just on our team, but leading our team. Endurance racing, or any team sport for that matter, translates well into Diverso values: – We grow ourselves so that […]


Adrian & Cindelee fuse

The search is over, Adrian Higgs Delport! You stepped into your happily ever after and we are so happy for you! On 3 March, our very own real life power ranger i.e. Electrician, got hitched or connected, in electric terms. We are so proud of this young man who took charge when he noticed all […]


The Solutions Team

We provide solutions. Contact our sales team if you need your office technologies to work for you more cost effectively and more efficiently! We have solutions to add value to your:– printers and copiers– scanning– electricity and power usage– solar energy– telephone systems– cctv cameras– access control systems Just like people, your office technologies can […]

Lovetia and Light

As the sun sets over Diverso, I can’t help but think about what each day means. A day. Any day and every day. We do certain things every day; like walk through those doors, talk to our colleague, drink our coffee. What if today was your last day? Did you appreciate the doors you entered, […]



The benefits of going solar: – Solar Power provides clean, renewable energy and gives you freedom and control over your own energy security. – Going Solar reduces your electricity bill dramatically and gives your property more appeal. – There are significant tax incentives, especially for businesses. – It reduces the negative environmental impact as there […]



Zooming into each pixel that the world of Diverso Technology is made of… what will you see? Amongst other office solutions… Printers. We are all about Konica Minolta printers, copiers, scanning and document finishing! Konica Minolta printers offer cutting-edge solutions for all your printing needs. Say goodbye to jams and hello to seamless productivity. Automate […]



What is professionalism as a company value? In theory, the professionalism expected from any team is a collection of traits that together make up an exceptional employee, and in turn, a successful company. These traits include reliability, competence, dependability, respect, and the last core value – integrity. Research has shown that consumers are drawn not only […]



We aim to get the same response when customers engage with our products and experience our service delivery standards: Wow! Look at that! It stands out! The Diverso experience should leave you refreshed and energized to focus on your core business because you can trust us with your office automation and energy solutions. Delivering efficiency […]


Quotes for Solar

If you are seriously considering switching to generating your own electricity via solar panels and kicking over to your backup battery system when load shedding is spoiling everyone else’s fun, you are in good company! Our Business Developers – Hennie, Ettienne, Chris and Raubie as well as our Energy Solutions Manager, Carel, are just a […]


Delivering a fresh look

Monday mindset: Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. If you see Joe, Sterra or Njongo driving our newly branded bakkies, give a wave The blocks come from the Diverso logo’s iconic tree symbol: the papers flying off, out of a printer, into their […]


Cooking up Synergy

40 people making breakfast for 40 people in 20 minutes! On the menu: health cups with muesli, yogurt and fruit; flap jacks with chocolate spread, cheese or syrup; quiche cups with bacon mushroom; coffee and juice. Breakfast for champions! We learnt that no matter how menial your task at hand feels to you, it fits […]



Anna-Marié is literally the mother of Diverso. Her DNA is in this company and she continually gives of herself to Diverso, just like a mother does. Her energy, thoughts, effort, knowledge directs the way we do things – she teaches us. Her personal touches, moral compass, values and giving heart influences her decisions – she […]


1, 2, 3 Brand my car

As we geared down to put the office into park mode for 2023, we started the process of slightly freshening up the Diverso brand… We welcome the sun, solar panels and the trusted Konica Minolta image to our refreshed visual identity look. Thank you to @countrywiseprintingsa for literally applying your skill to refresh our fleet, car by […]


New Year 2024

We’re back & ready to kickstart 2024 with innovative office automation and sustainable solar solutions! From streamlined office setups to harnessing solar power for a greener future, we’re here to make your spaces smarter and more sustainable. Our team is ready to assist you – get in touch with us today! sales@diverso.co.za | 021 851 […]


De Year-End Function 2023

Every year is filled with opportunities and challenges, highs and lows, ups and downs, successes and failures. This is true personally and professionally at home and at work. If you manage to have your positives outweigh your negatives, you can be counted as a prosperous person! Prosperity is not just about making money, but making […]

Diverso Optimise

Diverso Optimise App

Diverso Optimise is an AI application solution that optimises your load-shedding protection and maximizes your solar investment savings. Diverso Optimise uses your home’s energy consumption, load-shedding information, solar generation, and weather forecasts to automatically adjust your battery levels needed to ensure you have minimal impact from load-shedding whilst at the same time ensuring you get […]


Diverso is an Approved SunSynk Installer

We love technology and innovation – it is why we exist!Diverso’s greatest value add is that we build a bridge between the tech world and our customers.We find products that we trust and use for ourselves; first we learn to understand that product really well, then we confidently and proudly promote it to our customers.Quality […]


Fin-Key: Rent from us directly

If a rental amount per month would better suit your budget, please talk to Diverso. We can offer our clients the option to rent their printers and their solar or backup systems. Custom solutions and expert advice is what Diverso offers when we craft a quote for new and existing clients. Email sales@diverso.co.za , tell […]

Quality vs Time vs Price: You can never have all three.

Always good to be on site.There is a different energy and appreciation for the work done when you are physically there, able to touch and see it.A solar panel truly is a great piece of innovative technology! But unfortunately it doesn’t work in isolation; just lying somewhere by itself. It must be installed, connected, maintained […]


Movember at Diverso

Green is for growth and vitality! Come alive with Diverso this Movember! November becomes Movember to remind us that the general health of our brothers is important! We care about that, because we care about them. There are some really great guys at Diverso! We have technicians, managers, accountants, business developers, drivers, installers, electricians, data […]

Multifunctional Machines

Reliable printing is one thing.Useful finishing takes functionality to a whole other level!Imagine your examination papers get printed double sided and corner stapled – ready to hand out to your students!Imagine your newsletter booklet or show programme gets sorted and half-folded – ready to hand out to your guests!Don’t just imagine, contact a Diverso Business […]

20231024 Barlinka panel install

Upgraded system at the boss’s house

A company that operates with integrity can mean many things… At Diverso we practice what we preach; so whatever gets our owners’ seal of approval, we are then confident to recommend to our clients! Here our Energy Solutions team is upgrading the system at our owners’ home in Somerset West. We have learnt many things […]


Solar Project Completed – School

project completed client generating mega watts client freed from load shedding client saving on monthly electricity bill Diverso is very fond of schools – we help schools to be as efficient as possible in the most practical way! Our printers are the vehicles that carry the teaching material from the teacher to the students’ books: […]


Solar Project Completed – Warehouse

No looming load shedding stage will bother our client in Gants, Strand… their premises is generating its own energy from the sun! This clean electricity from the sun can replace power from the national grid or a generator – it will save your company on its electricity bill; it will save your company time and […]


Solar Installation Project

Work in Progress… For our Energy Solutions Team, this is what a day in (on) the office looks like. Installing at a client’s office in Techno Park, Stellenbosch. We love tech, so we feel so at home in Techno Park.


Soak up the sun this summer

If you are considering embarking on your green energy journey, you can trust Diverso to assist. We have installed over 220 systems in the last year, ranging from homes to schools with boarding houses; from office buildings to warehouses. Ask us your questions. sales@diverso.co.za Our own solar system at our office building in Somerset West […]

Diverso FAQ - What Are Diverso’s Core Services?

Diverso FAQ – What are Diverso’s core services?

Not all our customers are aware of all the products and services Diverso supplies. We are very proud to present you with our core services (and values).  Let us know if we can assist your business in any way. Please support Diverso.  Incentive: If you refer a customer to Diverso and we manage to conclude […]

Article 4_Elgin River Lodge 1-opt

Diverso’s Cheers to 2021

The Diverso team and their families were spoiled with a well-deserved year end function at the breathtaking Elgin River Lodge, a hidden gem nestled between beautiful hills and vineyards in the Elgin Valley. The scene was set for a relaxed, fun filled day of adventure for all ages. The activities catered for all levels of […]

Article 3_Hennie Tankwa 1-opt-2

Diverso Boasts a Tankwa Trek Conqueror

In February 2022 Diverso’s Managing Director, Hennie du Toit, conquered the infamous Tankwa Trek. This iconic four-stage mountain bike race took place from 3 to 6 February 2022.  It features breathtaking trails through the Bokkeveld and winding routes of the Witzenburg area. The Tankwa’s riding routes are known for rocky outcrops and climbs steeper than […]

Article 1_ New building 1-med

Diverso Loves Our New Office Space!

As of 2022, Diverso is officially in full operation from our newly renovated, state of the art building. After spending months on end on the planning and completion of renovations, we are proud (and exhausted) to say: All the blood, sweat and tears shed, were well worth the wait. Our new building is located at […]

Article 4_Final-opt

Diverso – Our Wishes to You!

Wishing you a season of happiness, a season of cheer, and a season filled with unconditional love! Diverso’s office will be closed for the festive season from 13h00 on Wednesday, 22 December 2021, and will reopen on Wednesday, 5 January 2022. A technician will be on stand-by during normal office hours (Monday to Friday, 08h00 to […]


Diverso – Still Growing in 2021!

The COVID-19 pandemic, with all its nuances and variants, compelled Diverso to expand our income streams. We would like to introduce the two newest team members: Crena Krige Crena joined Diverso in September 2021 as our Financial Accountant. She brings to the team four years of audit experience. (Fun Fact – This accountant is no […]

Diverso FAQ - Did You Know that Diverso Offers CCTV Solutions?

Diverso FAQ – Did You Know that Diverso Offers CCTV Solutions?

CCTV is becoming increasingly important for the protection of your business property and assets. CCTV cameras can be installed to monitor all areas (including blind spots) of your premises and immediate surrounds, with real-time remote video. Lower the risks of shoplifting, break-in, burglary and vandalism, with a full view of your business premises plus real-time footage, […]

Forward to a New Chapter!

Diverso – Looking Forward to a New Chapter!

The final countdown has begun – after spending months on end on the planning and completion of renovations of Diverso’s new premises, we are very proud to announce that we are in the final stages of Diverso-fying our new building and we are moving soon! Much blood, sweat and tears have been poured into this […]

Diverso Enables POPIA compliance

Diverso Enables POPIA compliance

Multifunctional devices are an essential information hub in organisations across all sectors. These devices scan, copy and print documentation, which can raise a concern for many companies that confidential or private data may be retrieved from the hard drive of these devices. With the implementation of the POPI Act in July 2021, these concerns have […]

Diverso Can Even Build Pizzas!

Diverso can even build pizzas

The Diverso team and their life partners were spoiled with a well-deserved mid-year function at the cosy Blue Bird Café, situated on the R44 between Somerset West and Stellenbosch. With beautiful views of vineyards and mountains, the scene was set for a relaxed, enjoyable evening. Admin staff, drivers, technicians and management were all given the […]

Did You Know that Diverso Offers Access Control Solutions?

Did You Know that Diverso Offers Access Control Solutions

Diverso can assist with effective access control solutions for businesses in all industries – with ‘state of-the-art’ technology from leading manufacturers.  Diverso’s access control systems will be both highly effective and easily managed to ensure the proper flow of people throughout buildings and give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of […]

Diverso FAQ - What Are Diverso’s Core Services?

Diverso – Our Core Values

Value Adding
Service Driven


Diverso’s Own 2021 Ironman

Diverso’s Own 2021 Ironman Mitchell Cowie, a director of Diverso Dimensions, competed in the Ironman 70.3 Durban Triathlon challenge. Mitchell had already been training for quite a while, as 2020’s event was postponed due to Covid. A strict three-month training program had to follow in order to get his body and mind conditioned for the […]


Diverso Space Must be Watched!

Diverso Space Must be Watched! From humble beginnings in a garage (2005), to renting single workshop office space (2007), to renting two adjacent workshop office spaces (2013), to finally “Diverso-fying” our own building in 2021!  Diverso is very excited about this new project – one which is keeping Hennie du Toit (Managing Director) very busy […]

Diverso - Printing

Diverso FAQ: Did You Know Diverso Offers Printing Services?

[ Diverso FAQ: Did You Know Diverso Offers Printing Services? Diverso offers in-house printing services for a wide range of high quality and high-volume printing requirements. Diverso Print Services prides itself in giving personalised and cost-effective printing solutions. In a rapidly changing and at times hostile market, we understand that printed media needs to adapt to […]


Diverso is Passionate About Happy Customers

Diverso is Passionate About Happy Customers Diverso – We are big enough to cope, but small enough to care. We are proud to say that all our customers that we have invoiced in our first month of existence, are still our customers sixteen years later.  As a team we strive to have a customer-centric mindset […]


Diverso’s Next Generation Thrives

Diverso’s Next Generation Thrives Mitchell and Kate welcomed Mia on 2021/01/31, the second beautiful little girl born into the Cowie family.   Ella and Mia keep Mitch quite busy, but he loves every second of the parental journey. Ettienne and Ronel Botha’s little boy is growing fast.  JG was born in September 2020, and at six […]

Diverso Grows Again

Diverso Grows Again The COVID-19 virus, with all its nuances and variants, compelled Diverso to expand our income streams.  In the process, we would like to introduce the three newest team members: Mitchell Ray Cowie Mitchell joined the Diverso group in September 2020 as a director of Diverso Dimensions. He brings to the team 12 […]


Diverso FAQ: Can Diverso Alleviate Load Shedding?

Diverso FAQ:  Can Diverso Alleviate Load Shedding? Absolutely. Diverso offers a wide variety of solar and battery backup solutions for residential and business environments. Offerings range from basic solutions, e.g. an inverter to power your basic needs, to more advanced solutions, like converting your warehouse to solar power, reducing grid consumption and downtime, leading to […]


Diverso can Future-proof Your Business

With 2020 behind us, many lessons have been learned.  Times are changing constantly, and we have to adapt and change with them.  We at Diverso are here to help future-proof your daily business operations. Whether it is: Work from Home Solutions that assist with COVID legislation – Diverso can assist Power outages that affect your […]


Diverso – Preparing for the ABSA Cape Epic 2021

COVID-19’s first major South African sporting event casualty:  the ABSA Cape Epic 2020 – the ride was cancelled at the last minute.  Fortunately, entries were carried over to 2021.  Hennie du Toit from Diverso, and his partner, Jaco Kotze from Curro, preparing for the 2021 Cape Epic, rode along the dirt roads from Somerset West […]


Diverso Paints the Town Red

Diverso had the privilege to end 2020 on a high note – Diverso employees, together with their families, enjoyed a relaxing Saturday in our picturesque Mother City, Cape Town. For a few months in 2020, lockdown regulations literally restricted South Africans from seeing beyond their own four walls. Since regulations have been lifted, it was […]


Diverso – Our Wishes to You

Wishing you a season of happiness, a season of cheer, and a season filled with unconditional love! Diverso’s office will close for the festive season on Friday, 18 December 2020 at 16h30, and will reopen on Wednesday, 6 January 2021. A technician will be on stand-by during normal office hours (Monday to Friday, 08h00 to 16h30, […]


Diverso FAQ: Does Diverso Only Offer Office Automation?

Diverso has become a trusted name when it comes to Office Automation Solutions.  We have added to our range of solutions by launching our latest cloud-based voice platform that requires no Telkom/junction lines, network points or telephone points.  Diverso’s installation is as simple as plugging the handset into a power outlet. “What happens during load […]


Diverso FAQ: What Does Diverso Offer?

Diverso takes care of your office requirements which enables you to focus on your core business and ensures that your employees are effective and productive. We consult, design, implement and manage the solutions that you need. Diverso has partnered with industry leading suppliers to bring you the best products and support in seven key areas. […]


Diverso’s Next Generation

There is a saying that children are life’s greatest blessings – some Diverso employees decided it is time to find out the truth behind this. Congratulations to the following first-time parents with their little bundles of joy: Christof & Hanni Conradie – Welcome to the world: Katie & Ellie Yes! Twins! left to right: Ellie, […]


Diverso Appreciates the Wonder of September

The month of September is synonymous with Spring and Heritage Day for South Africans. L.M Montgomery said: “That is one good thing about this world…There are always sure to be more springs.” With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the world in 2020, the effect of the lockdown is widely experienced. May the month of September remind […]


Diverso’s Mysterious Liaisons

The Covid-19 pandemic, together with the South African lockdown regulations, have proven to be quite mysterious during some stages. Thankful for a lift in certain regulations during Level-2 Lockdown, Diverso planned a little mystery of their own to thank their employees for their ongoing hard work and as motivation for the remaining part of the […]


Diverso Lockdown Experiences

Apart from all the hardship, there are also positive and funny moments. Even though we tend to complain, as true South Africans we always find something to laugh about. Think about our president covering his eyes with his mask on national television.  Diverso’s employees are glad to have kids doing more household chores than ever before. They cherish the […]


Diverso Client Testimonial

Our economy is suffering and the impact is huge. Diverso has had a greater-than-normal increase on the cost of equipment, spares and consumables. We have sent out an e-mail to inform our clients that we will evaluate the effect of the increase and that we will do our best to absorb it.    The following feedback was received […]


Diverso FAQ: What does Diverso offer to enable working from home?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impelled all of us to adapt. We are encouraged to work from home where possible.   Darwin said: “It is not the fittest, the fastest or the strongest that survive, but rather the ones that can adapt to change the best.”   Diverso can help you to adapt.  Having a printer at home (for work, but also […]


Diverso is back!

However, we were never really gone. Diverso was able to provide service to essential clients during level 5 of the hard lockdown. We adapted quickly and empowered the administration team to work remotely. From May 4, we were able to ease back into our new normal environment, back at the office, with our flexibility hard at work. Diverso now […]

Article 1_ New building 1-med

Your Office is Our Business

Dear Diverso Partner How often are you chasing after IT problems instead of running your business? Diverso has expanded and we can now assist with your IT needs and fix problems as they arise.  If you have an IT person or department, we can work together, or we can be your entire department – with […]


Diverso – Combatting The COVID-19 Pandemic

We at Diverso are taking the necessary precautions to limit the spread of the virus as far as possible.  If it is necessary for a Diverso employee to visit your office, it is imperative to work together, because the risk is equally high for all parties. Diverso has the following in place to combat the […]


Diverso FAQ: What Are Diverso’s Values?

D = Diverse. Diverso has many office solutions (e.g. print, copy, scan, PABX, CCTV, IT support etc.) under one roof with diverse finance options. I = Innovative. We provide out-of-the-box quotes and solutions for your office requirements. V = Value-adding. Our team always goes the extra mile to add value (for your money) to your […]


Diverso – All Dressed Up For The ABSA Cape Epic And Nowhere To Go

Hennie du Toit put a lot of effort into the training and preparation for the 2020 Absa Cape Epic. But to be true to the challenge, this was a build-up of 5 years to this point, because one cannot train for the ABSA Cape Epic in 6 months or even a year.  Hennie rode in […]


Diverso Welcomes New Members To Our Team

We have started 2020 off with a bang, adding 3 new employees to our dynamic team! Introducing: Alicia Petersen (Service Assistant) Alicia is passionate about solving service-related challenges. Interesting fact: “I have a disjointed toe that my daughter has inherited.” Bianca Kriel (Jr HR Assistant) Bianca is in the early stages of her HR career, […]


Diverso Wishes You And Your Family A Blessed Festive Season

Diverso’s office closes on Friday, 20 December 2019 at 13h00, and will reopen on Wednesday, 8 January 2020. A technician will be on stand-by during normal office hours (Monday to Friday, 08h00 to 16h30, public holidays excluded) as from 2019/12/20 until 2020/01/07. Contact support@diverso.co.za or 021-851-0533 during normal office hours. As we approach the end of 2019, Diverso […]


Diverso Took A Breather

Diverso treated our dedicated employees and their families to a relaxing year-end function at Winery Road Forest on Friday 6th December.  The beautiful pine trees were the perfect background to good food, drinks, and gifts for the children. The afternoon started off with fun lawn games played by the young and the not-so-young, while others […]


Diverso Takes On THE500 D4D Challenge

On the 12th and 13th of October 2019, Distance For Difference organized the fourth edition of THE500 event, hosted at NH The Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West.  This special event aimed to raise R1 million where fifty percent of the funds raised are donated to PATCH Helderberg Child Abuse Centre, while the other fifty […]


Diverso FAQ: How Does A Settlement Of A Printing Contract Work?

Rental settlements Rental x outstanding periods If escalation is applicable this must be taken into account as well Service settlements Minimum service fee x outstanding periods or Average prints/cost x outstanding periods or A combination of the above Settlements may and most often also include: Cancellation fees Collection fees Penalties Diverso is very transparent and […]


Diverso And Konica Minolta Dig Deep

What is the best tree to do a high five with? A palm tree! This was one of the many “tree jokes” shared on the 7th of November at Firgrove Primary School as the sound of children’s laughter followed.  Diverso has joined the ongoing, decade-long partnership between Konica Minolta SA and NPO Food & Trees for Africa. This […]


Diverso Challenges You To THE500 D4D 2019 Event

THE500 is a 24-hour cycling and spinning event which takes place on 12-13 October 2019 at the NH The Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West. Hennie du Toit and Ettienne Botha from Diverso will be joining a group of 20 cyclists who will stretch themselves to the (mostly unknown) limit of their abilities and cycle […]


Diverso Visits Japan

Japan is an extremely efficient, respectful nation with only 2% unemployment.  The food, language and religion differ greatly from South Africa, a true first world country. You will have to look far and wide to find an overweight Japanese!  Anna-Marié and Hennie have tasted saki (wine made from rice), and were in awe of their […]


Diverso paints the town green!

Diverso had a well-deserved mid-year celebration.  We started the Friday off with dinner at RocoMamas at the Harrington – burgers, ribs and milkshakes everywhere! Thereafter we all took a leisurely stroll to the Fugard Theatre just around the corner.  Everyone would agree that watching the famous Kinky Boots show was the highlight of our night. […]


Diverso FAQ: Should I Buy Or Rent A Printer From Diverso?

Investing in any asset for your office requires consideration of all pros and cons.   Should you buy or rent your printer?  Here is a list of the benefits of both options, choose the one that best fits your situation. BENEFITS OF RENTING Lower initial costs and better cash flow Especially start-up companies that are unsure […]


Diverso Adds New Models To Our Konica Minolta Range

Diverso now supplies Konica Minolta’s new i-Series, consisting of the C360i, C300i and C250i models.  The i-Series houses a powerful engine, a quad-core Central Processing Unit with standard 8 GB of memory and 256 GB SSD, which allows for quick-response, high-performance operations.  The equipment has a high-speed one pass dual scan document feeder, reduced environmental […]


Diverso Has Achieved a 92.9% Client Satisfaction Score!

Diverso has achieved an impressive 92.9% customer satisfaction score in our recent customer survey. We are thrilled about the outcome, and will always strive to better our service levels. Thanks to every customer that took the time to participate.  In future, Diverso will have an annual customer satisfaction survey. The graph above shows how Diverso’s […]


Diverso FAQ: What Does my Service Contract Include?

Diverso’s All-In, On-Site Maintenance Agreement is based on a cost per A4 page, and includes: Installation, set-up; user training; all spares and consumables and call-outs.  In addition, Diverso has a loan machine policy if we have to repair your machine in our workshop. This newsletter is a general information sheet and should not be used […]


Diverso Launches Our First Company Profile Video

Link | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECY8cZqbXNQ Be the first to view our brand new company profile video! Everything Diverso has to offer and more, enjoy! This newsletter is a general information sheet and should not be used or relied on as professional advice. No liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions nor for any loss or […]


Diverso Employees Cast Their Votes

In anticipation of voting day, Diverso employees took part in a fun vote amongst ourselves. Categories ranged from the Extra Mile and MacGyver award to the Smelliest Lunch and Noisy Typer award. It definitely provided for a day filled with laughter – some being very proud of their awards and others, not so much. This […]


Diverso Stays In Shape!

Above, Ettienne Botha, Hennie du Toit and DeWalt van der Merwe proudly wear their medals after completing the Cape Town Cycle Tour on March 10, 2019. Ettienne and DeWalt have each completed 5 tours, and Hennie 6. Like and follow us on Facebook to see other events and updates, there are a few tough ones coming […]


Diverso’s Copier and Printer Maintenance Tips

Tip #1 Invest in an All-In, On-Site Maintenance Agreement: Maintenance agreements are very helpful and will save you time and money. An All-In, On-Site Maintenance Agreement makes sense even if you buy the equipment. The All-In, On-Site Maintenance Agreement is based on a cost per A4 printed or copied page, and includes the following: Installation […]


Diverso’s R1 000.00 Promotion

Diverso will pay your company R1000 if we cannot save you money on a like-for-like solution.  What is the bottom line? Diverso offers a free, no obligation office automation analysis for any company that is not already a Diverso customer.  If Diverso cannot offer a more affordable, like-for-like solution than what you are currently paying, […]


Diverso Launches New Website!

As always, December is the most exciting and humbling time of the year.  It signals the end of a year full of blessings, and the start of a new year full of potential.  For Diverso, it signals the launch of our new website. After months of laughter, sweat, tears and lots of debating, Diverso officially […]


Diverso Celebrates Our Milestones

2018 has gone by extremely fast, with three big milestones: The first SA customer live on integrated JIM2 Managed Print Services software  A brand new website  The start of our transformation journey in becoming a Level 2, B-BBEE contributor To show their appreciation to their dedicated employees and colleagues, Diverso is celebrating their year-end function […]


Diverso Grows

Our new website will introduce you to our team. During 2018 the team has grown to 21 talented and energised people.  All these customer-orientated, honest and passionate people are the ones that ensure a professional and enjoyable experience at Diverso. Diverso would like to thank everyone involved for their dedication and hard work! This newsletter […]


Diverso Wishes You Magical Memories This Festive Season

Diverso’s office closes on Friday, 21 December 2018 at 13h00, and will reopen on Monday, 7 January 2019. A technician will be on stand-by during normal office hours (Monday to Friday, 08h00 to 16h30, public holidays excluded) as from 2018/12/21 until 2019/01/04. Contact 021-851-0533 during normal office hours. Without our employees and clients, Diverso would […]

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